Klipper graphics created using fills or traces have had the limitation that they looked fine in the PCB editor but did not work well in fabrication and SolidWorks could not extrude them.

For a long time we have been interested in using Regions for Klipper graphics to solve this. We have offered the ability to create a graphic using regions, but it has been limited to simple shapes. In doing the development work for this, we could see that Regions had the infrastructure to add holes to them, but in Altium there was no means for the user to add a hole to a region (and perhaps no reason to) so we did not take it any further.

Things changed when we did some work on our IDF tools to support keep-outs containing voids. This required a function to look at a group of shapes and decide which ones were enclosed in others. At some time later we realised that we could use this same routine to analyse a graphic and determine which shapes contained holes. This allowed us to fully use regions to create logos.

The result was a great looking logo but, due to the fact that these were created from bitmaps, the outlines made up of huge numbers of lines due to the pixelization.

To resolve this, we implemented a smoothing algorithm and also added a routine that looked at line gradients and joined lines that had the same gradient (ie recognising long straight lines). This resulted in huge reductions in the number of lines making the use of Regions with holes being practical.