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IDF Modeler for Altium Designer (and DXP2004, DXP and Protel 99 SE)

This product enables users to model their PCB designs in 3D CAD packages that support the IDF format. IDF is an industry standard that allows the exchange of PCB design data between ECAD and MCAD systems.


  • Supports IDF Versions 2 and 3
  • Allows complex PCB shapes
  • Supports the Altium Designer Board Shape
  • Supports Altium cut outs
  • Supports top and bottom placed components
  • Supports IDF Route Keepouts via Top and Bottom Layer Keepout Fills and Regions
  • Supports IDF Place Outlines and Keepouts via Height rules
  • User can define 3D shape of Parts
  • Bi-Directional - allows you to import changes into a PCB from IDF files
  • Tested with Pro/Engineer, SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge and Alibre
  • Available for Altium Designer (all versions), DXP2004, DXP and Protel 99 SE
  • Allows you to export Tracks, Polygons and Silk screens (provided you have a Desktop EDA IDF reader)


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Example IDF files to test on your MCAD system

Example IDF Results



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